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Feature Image: RISE Vusion House Racer FPV-Ready Indoor Drone

Turn your house upside down!

Get "up close and personal" with everything from the change in your sofa to those cobwebs in your ceiling fan. Explore every nook and cranny of your kitchen. Turn pillows and towels into an instant obstacle course. Zip and flip through every corner of every room. Fly up to 8 minutes on a single LiPo battery charge. Add your RISE J2000 or Tactic SLT radio and First Person View gear to this fun FPV-ready model. With the Vusion House Racer, there are no limits.

Black Limited Edition

A second exciting color and trim option — perfect for flying two House Racers together to see who can conquer the course fastest!

Vusion House Racer in Black Trim sitting on a coffee table