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Feature Image: RISE House Racer FPV Race Gate System


Expand your layout!

Make your House Racer FPV Race Gate System even more fun—and challenging—with these exciting RISE Race Gates! Create custom courses in every room of your house. Invade your living room with LED Ring Gates. Conquer your kitchen with Arch Race Gates. Hover past Pylon Race Gates in your hallway. Cross the Checkered Flag Gate to win the race. One expandable system. Infinite options. Only from RISE.

RISP0005 RISE Elevated Race Gate
Stock #: RISP0005
RISP0006 RISE Arch Race Gate with Flags
Stock #: RISP0006
RISP0007 RISE LED Ring Race Gate
Stock #: RISP0007
RISP0002 Ring Race Gate, Wall and Floor
Stock #: RISP0002
RISP0003 Checkered Flag Race Gate
Stock #: RISP0003
RISP0004 Pylon Race Gate with Flag
Stock #: RISP0004